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From business acquisition to contract documents to end-of-life planning, Adam Phillips has helped me address any legal issues that have come my way, both business related and private. His quick response time, high level of competence, and fair billing practices have led me to recommend his services to many people and I will continue to do so.



I came to Adam through a referral from a close friend to seek assistance with modifying our existing custody and visitation order. In addition to being highly qualified and experienced, Adam was also approachable and accessible throughout the process; he was prompt in getting back to me, and quick to communicate any changes in the case. Additionally, he was thorough and efficient in reviewing the case history, and he gained a clear understanding of the circumstances surrounding the case prior to advising me in making decisions. Over the course of several months, Adam came to know my situation and I felt as though he was genuinely invested in a positive outcome for my family, he consistently gave sound legal advice that helped me achieve a balance between my personal wants for my daughter and the constraints of the requirements of the law. His approach with mediation was extremely beneficial; his friendly demeanor and non-confrontational disposition allowed everyone to feel at ease in a tense situation. He also helped me to feel confident and empowered as we progressed through negotiations, and we ultimately ended up with a new agreement that was mutually acceptable. I would highly recommend Adam for any legal issues you may be dealing with.


I have had the opportunity of Working with Adam Phillips through my dental office. When we first came to Adam our corporate documents were a mess and did nothing to protect me or our business partnership. Adam was very thorough and conscientiously fixed our documents to make sure they did what they were designed to do. He also helped us fix our employee handbook and even came to one of our staff meetings to make sure our office staff understood the new handbook and answer any questions they might have. I would highly recommend Adam to anyone seeking this type of help.


I recommend Adam Phillips to everyone. I have worked with him for business contracts and personal wills. Before I found Adam I became frustrated with attorneys who didn’t effectively solve my problems and charged large fees. The first time I used him I remember thinking “Wow, he really helped me, and he saved me a lot of money over the other guys.



Adam has represented me during the most difficult times of my life, divorce and a change in visitation. I can’t even describe how stressed and worried I was when I first went to him for help. Adam is incomparable in the depth of his knowledge and understanding of the law, his strength and skill in legal representation, and most of all his personal character and integrity.

Adam is a very skilled at actively listening and processing what I have to say before making suggestions. He has always taken the time to explain the law and each situation to me in a way I can understand without making me feel uneducated or confused. As a client, I feel that Adam is an excellent advocate for my rights and demands, as well as reigning me in and exercising good client control when he felt I was being unreasonable.

All in all, I believe Adam E. Phillips is an outstanding attorney. I recommend him, without hesitation, to any honest person or family going through a difficult legal matter. He will fight for your rights, and do everything he can to resolve differences in a fair and efficient manner.


I have used the services of Adam Phillips and was extremely impressed. He was always extremely responsive to any needs and concerns that I had. Adam is young, energetic, and extremely professional. His professionalism is paired with being very personal and easy to work with. He is very fair and balanced, and has a great handle on the Law. I would highly encourage retaining Adam based on my experience. If there was a phrase to sum up Adam, I would say that he is a “top of the class” sort of Lawyer. This meaning he is very smart and is a very motivated person.



Trust is built by actions. Mr. Phillips has earned our trust through his actions, in all areas of our lives both business and personal. Adam is much more than our attorney—he has become like a trusted family member.



We worked with Adam in a civil trial case. Adam was great at keeping us informed about what was going on in the case. He is very thorough. He has a very calm demeanor and does not get ruffled easily. He does not allow other attorneys to bully him. He is very fair about presenting the facts of your case to you and giving you good advice about how to proceed. He allows you to make the ultimate decision about the progress of your case.


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