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Adam E. Phillips | Attorney At Law
Adam E. Phillips, Attorney at Law, P.C., is a Wyoming general and trial practice lawyer.

Located in Lander, Wyoming, Adam practices statewide in a variety of areas including but not limited to: criminal law, business administration, municipal law, estate planning, family law, and civil litigation. With years of experience, Adam works very diligently and successfully to provide high-quality, efficient, and responsive legal service on a personalized basis. Contact his office today to set up a free consultation and see if Adam E. Phillips is the right person to represent your legal needs.

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Adam E. Phillips, Attorney at Law, P.C., offers a broad range of legal expertise.

Business Law

Are you proactive and looking for an attorney to retain for potential future legal or business issues? Are you a business owner facing a legal issue? Are you a business owner seeking advice in an employment and labor matter?


Civil Litigation

Adam Phillips advises a variety of defense or plaintiff clients in a broad range of non-criminal litigation matters, including but not limited to: landlord and tenant disputes, contract issues, ...


Criminal Law Defense

Have you been charged with a criminal offense, revocation of your probation, or are presently released on bond? Adam Phillips will work hard to do all in his power to ensure your best interests by either ...


Domestic Law

Adam Phillips advises clients in litigious or non-litigious matters involving family structures and rights. Family law pertains to divorce, adoption, child custody, child support, reproductive rights,...


Estate Planning & Litigation

Do you need help preparing or updating a will? Do you wish to establish a living trust to avoid probate?


Real Estate Law

Are you or your business in the process of buying or selling real estate? Do you have questions or concerns about contracts, sales or lease agreements, titles, easements, or liens?


Administrative Law

Has your application to an administrative agency been denied? Did your company receive a penalty for failing to follow agency regulations? Administrative law attorneys help when government ...



Are you in the process of drawing up or revising legal documents for personal or business transactions? Are you unsure whether or not your contracts are legally binding, admissible in court...


Mediation and Collaborative Law

Are you seeking an alternative to the courts for resolving a dispute? Are you unsure whether or not you could benefit from legal counsel as you negotiate terms? Are you concerned that there may be legal issues that haven’t been addressed or dealt with fairly?


State, Local, and Municipal Law

Are you a City or other Municipality looking for sound legal advice relating to easements, zoning, covenants, employment, Human Resources, public bidding, community projects, or other related matters?



What Our Clients Say

I have had the opportunity of Working with Adam Phillips through my dental office. When we first came to Adam our corporate documents were a mess and did nothing to protect me or our business partnership. Adam was very thorough and conscientiously fixed our documents to make sure they did what they were designed to do. He also helped us fix our employee handbook and even came to one of our staff meetings to make sure our office staff understood the new handbook and answer any questions they might have. I would highly recommend Adam to anyone seeking this type of help.


I have used the services of Adam Phillips and was extremely impressed. He was always extremely responsive to any needs and concerns that I had. Adam is young, energetic, and extremely professional. His professionalism is paired with being very personal and easy to work with. He is very fair and balanced, and has a great handle on the Law. I would highly encourage retaining Adam based on my experience. If there was a phrase to sum up Adam, I would say that he is a “top of the class” sort of Lawyer. This meaning he is very smart and is a very motivated person.


From business acquisition to contract documents to end-of-life planning, Adam Phillips has helped me address any legal issues that have come my way, both business related and private. His quick response time, high level of competence, and fair billing practices have led me to recommend his services to many people and I will continue to do so.


I recommend Adam Phillips to everyone. I have worked with him for business contracts and personal wills. Before I found Adam I became frustrated with attorneys who didn't effectively solve my problems and charged large fees. The first time I used him I remember thinking "Wow, he really helped me, and he saved me a lot of money over the other guys.