Estate Planning and Litigation

Estate Planning

Do you need help preparing or updating a will? Do you wish to establish a living trust to avoid probate? Do you have questions about the validity of a will, distribution or management of assets, estate taxes, guardianship, or protection from creditors? Do you feel you need a Durable Power of Attorney or Healthcare Power of Attorney?
Adam Phillips advises clients in the creation of wills and plans to distribute inheritance assets. He can help ensure a smooth transition and reliable management of your estate going forward. He will work diligently to see that your wishes are carried out and your goals met.
Speak with Adam Phillips to help you create a will and proactively plan for the eventual distribution of your assets. You'll be glad you did.

Estate and Trust Litigation Law

Are you a corporate fiduciary, large financial institution, charitable organization, or individual fiduciary or beneficiary involved in a dispute over a trust, estate, or conservatorship? Is your objective to protect property in your estate or protect your own liability, or are you trying to avoid probate?
Adam Phillips represents clients in litigated disputes over estate and trust assets or distributions. Estate litigation involves matters arising from distribution of assets to beneficiaries after the death of an individual. This may include trusts, a fund created by an individual or group intended to benefit another individual or group. Trust litigation specifically involves the administration and distribution of a trust.
Usually trusts are created with conditions on the distribution of the assets in the account and are managed by a third party trustee. Adam Phillips can help you set up a simple trust, make amendments or modifications to trusts, dispute estate distributions, or defend trustees in defense of distributions.

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